TSA confiscates woman's grenade shaped perfume at airport

(FOX19) - An Arizona woman says that she is out of an $83 bottle of Jimmy Choo perfume.

TSA screeners confiscated her perfume because they thought it was shaped like a grenade.

Louis Lewis was on her way to Denver when the TSA stopped her.

Lewis says "Lane six is completely closed at this point. Everyone is staring. There are seven TSA agents on my side. Took all of my information, made a copy of my ID, and then started talking about how they were going to have to search my person. And that's when I started--I went from humorous to all right let's be real, it's perfume."

The TSA says it stands by its decision and that is has a policy that no toy weapons or items that replicate weapons are allowed through security because they can perceived as a threat.

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