Local farms feel impact of harsh winter

Pea Plants at Turner Farm.
Pea Plants at Turner Farm.

INDIAN HILL, OH (FOX19) - The U.S. Government says food pricing will rise four percent in 2014, the biggest jump in three years.

Abrasive weather conditions, including the Midwest's bitter winter and droughts in California, are to blame for the rise. The most affected food will be meat, dairy and fruits.

FOX19's Jessica Brown spoke with Turner Farms in Indian Hill about the weather impact and how consumers can save money.

Melinda O'Brian from Turner Farms explained that extra steps had to be taken to plant Spring crops since conditions have been colder for this time of year.

"Ordinarily we would not start peas in the greenhouse, we'd just put them outside in late February and early March, but we haven't been able to do that. SO to stay on schedule, we are starting them in the greenhouse," said Melinda.

Melinda says she waited to plant this year later than she ever has due to the cold weather. Typically, she starts to plant outdoors around March 6.

Turner Farms has a heated and unheated greenhouse where plants are sprouting while the ground warms up.

Turner Farms workers says the biggest thing consumers can do to deal with changes in food prices is to be flexible. Buying produce that is in season, shopping at local farmers markets can all lead to savings in money.

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