Avondale forum aims to keep kids in classrooms, off streets

SOUTH AVONDALE, OH (FOX19) - A new program in Avondale is looking to keep kids in the classroom and off the streets.

The first Avondale Youth-Parent Educational forum was held Saturday at South Avondale School. The program is a series of round table discussions to encourage parents to work alongside their children in focusing on education and future goals.

"They key thing is that we like to get the parents involved," said Ronald C. Jackson, a member of the Avondale Board of Trustees. The discussions aim to introduce parents to community resources that will encourage learning opportunities for students.

Representatives from Xavier, UC, Cincinnati State, and Gateway will be on hand at future events to talk with parents and kids about local colleges, career goals, and job placement.

"Our youth belong in classrooms and not on the streets," said Jackson, who referenced a Friday shooting where a 14-year-old boy was killed on the streets on Walnut Hills.

"We're trying to prevent stuff like that," Jackson explained.

The forum will be held once a month and is free and open to parents with students ages 12 to 19. Tools will also be available to parents who wish to change their own careers or seek job placement help.

For information on future forums, contact the Avondale Community Council.

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