Local man with relatives on board Flight 370 finds little comfort in Malaysian Prime Minister's words

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A local man with ties to the mystery of Flight 370 says these last few weeks have been agonizing, with little to no peace. Azwan Mattaridi told FOX19 that three distant relatives of his boarded the missing flight.

"It is tough because with events like this, you want to have some sense to it. You want to have some closure," said Azwan.

He went on to say the Malaysian Prime Minister's press conference Monday morning did little to comfort him. The prime minister said evidence shows the plane likely crashed in the Indian Ocean and had no survivors.

"Still that's just data that shows where it disappeared. We really don't know how it ended," said Azwan.

Still, he's searching for any hope to hang on to.

"It is good to know that there are things that are pointing us to the direction of what would have transpired, and how it ended instead of just massive speculations from people. There are a lot of arm chair analysts out there," said Azwan.

He also said he's thankful for social media, which has made it easier to keep in touch his relatives still in Malaysia for updates.

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