Local family moving to Colorado for daughter's cannabis meds

BUTLER COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - A parent would do anything to help their child, especially when it comes to medical care.

That's why a family from Butler County is about to make a move over a thousand miles from southwestern Ohio, headed for Colorado.

Adam and Heather Benton's daughter, Addyson, is taking several medications for an epileptic condition. While they're working on weaning her from a few of them, they're hoping a move to Colorado will be all she needs for treatment thanks to medical marijuana.

"She has myoclonic epilepsy which means her seizures are all over her brain. They're very quick," said Heather Benton, Addyson's mother.

She has hundreds of them a day, and to treat them, she's taking several medications.

"She does well on these medications and then all of a sudden they just stop out of nowhere.  You just start running out of options," said Addyson's father, Adam Benton.

One of them, Depakote, comes with potential risks to a child's liver. When the family first heard about medical marijuana, it wasn't for them. But, that has since changed, and plans to move to Colorado, where medical marijuana is legal, is in the works.

"We know several families. We're very close to several families that are out in Colorado right now that have begun this treatment and instantly are seeing results," said Heather.

Addyson is on a wait list for the strain of marijuana known as Charlotte's Web, which is high in cannabidiol.

"It's a form of marijuana that's extracted from the plant, so it's an oil.  The kids aren't smoking it. They're not becoming high," said Heather Benton.

The Benton's don't want to leave their family and support system, as well as a home built a year ago. But, it's something they feel they have to do.

"She's not a surgical candidate, and she's not a Vagus Nerve Stimulator candidate. It gives us hope," Adam told FOX19.

Addyson's family hopes to move in October once she gets off of a wait list. Addyson's father established residency in Colorado in December. They've already had two doctors sign off on their application as part of the process, which is now complete.

If Ohio or Kentucky ends up passing medical marijuana legislation, the Bentons say they'll move back closer to home.

Kentucky could soon pass a bill legalizing an oil extract from marijuana to treat childhood seizures.  Last week, a measure passed a House Judiciary Committee and is headed for the full House.

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