Ky. lawmakers yet to approve additional calamity days, families worry about summer plans

KENTUCKY (FOX19) - Lawmakers in Kentucky still haven't approved a plan to add calamity days to make up for all of the snow days.

This week, legislators couldn't agree on a proposed plan, and this has some families worried about summer plans.

"I have a daughter who's a senior and we're trying to plan summer vacations and activities and we're not sure when graduation will take place. Beyond that, she needs a summer job and this cuts into those days she can actually go to that summer job," says Theresa Scroggins.

Scroggins lives in Grant County and says snow days have been piling up this winter.

"I've lost count, I think it's 22," says Scroggins.

The most recent plan from House Democrats was to end the school year on June 1, but that was too far apart from Senate GOP's plan. David Clark says with three kids in Boone County schools, they've also had double digit snow days.

"We've had some travel plans that we've already had to cancel, incur some fees from the airlines for changing it," says Clark.

Clark says the schedule for vacation bible school at their church is also one of the biggest adjustments they have to make.

"We've had to change it from a daytime program to a nighttime program because we don't have the resources available during the day and of course the kids are in school," says Clark.

Some lawmakers say with negotiations falling apart again, the calamity bill is dead, and Clark says this uncertainty is affecting more of their plans every day.

"I hope they come to a quick decision so we can make those plans and it would be great if they would forgive the days. If they don't we need to know though so we know what we're dealing with," adds Clark.

Governor Steve Beshear has made it clear he wants to sign this bill into law to give schools relief.

Now the bill may head to a new conference committee to keep it alive.

Ohio Governor John Kasich will sign Ohio's calamity bill on Wednesday allowing districts to use an additional four calamity days.

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