What's Trending today: Opening Day!

What's trending on Opening Day

(FOX19) - Today is Opening Day and we've been tracking what's trending all morning!

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MLB players spent 80 years on the disabled list last season: 

Mashable released an article starting that MLB players collectively spent 80 years on the disabled last season! When added together, a full 29,094 days we're spent on the disability list.

SimpleTherapy created an intrographic detailing what last season looked like with all the injuries. According to the graphic, pitchers were actually injured more than hitters. Check out the video above to see the photos and more!

Dodgers lose to the Padres in the first Opening Day game of 2014:

Today is Cincinnati's big game day but the first official Opening Day game kicked off last night between the Dodgers and the Padres. Dodgers called on their left-hander Hyun-Jin Ryu to throw the first pitch! Sadly, they lost to the Padres 3-1.

Buzzfeed's 31 reasons to look forward to baseball season: 

If you haven't seen it, Buzzfeed released 31 reasons to get excited for baseball season. Some of the reasons include being able to eat ice cream out of a plastic baseball cap, using those sick days to go to the games, tossing back cold beers and  of course hot dogs!

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The Dodgers called on the south Korean left-hander Ryu (WHO) to pitch their first game of the season.


Ryu was denied a victory only by the Padres' three-run eighth inning with Wilson on the mound.