Jimmy Carter visits Norwood bookstore

The crowd waiting to see Former President Jimmy Carter
The crowd waiting to see Former President Jimmy Carter

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - Former President Jimmy Carter arrived in Norwood, Ohio on Tuesday, bringing with him a message.

Carter signed copies of his new book 'A Call to Action: Women, Violence, and Power' at Joseph-Beth Booksellers at Rookwood Pavilion.

The book focuses on the world's discrimination and violence against women and girls. Carter states that the issue is the most serious, pervasive and ignored violation of basic human rights.

His report covers the plight of women and girls - strangled at birth, forced to suffer servitude, child marriage, genital cutting, deprived of equal opportunity in wealthier nations and "owned" by men in others.

He addresses the adverse impact of distorted religious texts on women, by Protestants, Catholics, Jews, and Muslims. In a remark that is certain to get attention, Carter states that women are treated more equally in some countries that are atheistic or where governments are strictly separated from religion.

The event was a ticketed event, free to customers who pre-ordered the book from Joseph-Beth Booksellers.

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