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Rantankerous: Marching toward madness of baseball season

Rantankerous [ran-tank'uhr-us] (adjective) - A combination of rant [to speak in a wild or extravagant manner] and cantankerous [contentious, disagreeable]. The word is the only suitable description for the arguments between Brian "What We Learned" Tynes and George "Hot Reads" Jones.

(RNN) - Does anyone else think about Willy Wonka singing on a stationary bike every time they hear the word "springtime?"

No? OK, maybe that's just us. Sorry, didn't mean to distract.

For those who think of flowers, lighter clothing, baseball and the end of college basketball season - boring drudges, all of you - we have that, too.

Although, not in that exact order and minus a few things.

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