Trending today: Cop pulls drivers over for good behavior & Sports Illustrated impressed by Cincinnati Opening Day

Photo provided by Holy Grail Banks.
Photo provided by Holy Grail Banks.

(FOX19) - While you were sleeping, the Internet never stopped. And it's amazing what the Internet comes up with.

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Makeup ads show women embracing flaws

You probably wouldn't use the word "uplifting" to describe a makeup advertisement. But Dermablend Professional, a brand of corrective cosmetics designed for people with skin conditions, is out with a pair of ads in which the person reveals their flaws, rather than conceal them.

The two-minute testimonials on YouTube are called "Camo Confessions" and show each woman in front of a simple background, using a cloth to remove makeup from her face and speaking emotionally about her experience with a skin condition.

"I think that a huge misconception in the world is that we think that perfection exists," Cassandra Bankson, 21, says in her testimonial. "We think that in order to be successful, we have to be a certain way. When in reality, in order to be successful and happy, all we have to do is be ourselves."

On your phone? Watch it here:

#PrankItFWD: Cop pulls drivers over for good behavior

The humor website is "pranking it forward" by doing a week of positive pranks. In a video quickly gaining views on YouTube, random strangers are pulled over by a cop cruiser and given tickets for positive behavior.

This is basically the only time you'll be happy to see red and blue lights flashing in your rear view mirror.

Sports Illustrated writer impressed by Reds Opening Day

If the government finally makes Opening Day a national holiday, it really won't make much of a difference in Cincinnati, according to Sports Illustrated blogger Kostya Kennedy.

Kennedy was in town during Opening Day to do book signings for his book "Pete Rose: An American Dilemma." That's when he noticed the level of excitement Cincinnati Reds fans carry on Opening Day.

"One Cincinnati television station began its game day coverage of Reds Opening Day at 4:30 in the morning. First pitch was set for 4:10 in the afternoon," he writes.

While the Findlay Market Opening Day Parade "is no Macy's extravaganza," Kennedy calls it a "handsome procession nonetheless" with a lot of young Reds fans lining the streets.

"There could not have been a sixth-grade class with perfect attendance within 30 miles of the queen city," he jokes.

And while 43,000+ fans watched the game at Great American Ball Park, thousands of others dressed in Red crowded area bars and restaurants at The Banks.

He ends by saying, "Make Opening Day a holiday? In some places, it already is."

Read it here:

Photos: 'Carol' filming around Cincinnati

Hollywood film crews took over downtown Cincinnati on Wednesday, with the cast of the movie 'Carol' spotted on 4th Street. Q102's Brian Douglas took some great pictures of Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara and others on set. Check out our gallery on

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