Frequently asked questions: Planning Summer vacations

Image: LeSea Broadcasting
Image: LeSea Broadcasting

Did the harsh winter make you stir-crazy for a getaway? Summer travel season is just around the corner, and if you're planning a trip, make sure you cover all your bases before heading out of town.

Check out these frequently asked questions about weather, discounts and more from Beth Duppstadt at Loveland & Sea Travel:

1. When should I book my trip?

-Airfare should be booked at least 6 weeks in advance. 
-To get the best selection of resorts, cruise ships and the best flight times book ASAP.
-Now is the perfect time to start planning for summer travel!

2. What about Last-Minute Deals & Discount Websites?

-Booking Last-Minute can save money sometimes, but you are limited to what's available. Room requests and preferred flight times may not be honored.
-Always read the fine print when you see deals online. To get those rates you could be required to attend a timeshare presentation, pay additional fees once you arrive or be transferred to a different hotel if they overbook. 
-If something seems to good to be true, it probably is.

3. What about Hurricane Season?

- Hurricane Season in the Caribbean runs from June-November. 
- Prices are lower during this off-season and it's still likely you will have beautiful weather and sunshine. 
- Travel Insurance is always recommended. There are many types of plans with varying coverage so it's best to speak with a travel professional about your options.

4. Where can I go without a passport?

- Although passports are recommended for any type of international travel, you are not required to have one if you are visiting Puerto Rico or The US Virgin Islands. 
- Caribbean cruises typically do not require passports if they start and end in the same US Port. 
- Other international destinations require a passport for everyone, including children. 
- Check with your travel professional or for more information.

5. Where should I go this summer?

- Some hotspots this year are Los Cabos, South Africa, Brazil and Punta Cana as well as Orlando and Myrtle Beach.
- The best place to go really depends on the traveler. This is where a travel agent and destination specialist comes in. We can match the experience you are looking for with the destination and resort or cruise ship that fits it best.

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