Steady rain strikes flooding concerns in the Tri-state

ERLANGER, KY (FOX19) - Steady rain falling all day Thursday has put a flood watch into affect for most of the tri-state area until Friday morning putting some residents in a scary predicament.

Jeff Dehner lives near a small creek in Erlanger and has seen the water rise quickly and unexpectedly.

"Rain is okay. The hard rains make it scary. It's got to be a long, hard rain to really get up. Once it gets up over the bridge, then we start flooding," says Dehner.

The small creek that runs in front of his home has swollen from a couple of inches to a couple of feet in just the last two days.

Downstream, a raging current is knocking down everything in it's path. Unfortunately, he's kind of use to it. His scariest moment happened last spring with the creek breached it's banks and headed straight for his house.

"It got up to the doorstep of the house. The car was under water. The Harley was under water. We thought we were gone that time," says Dehner.

This time, he thinks they'll be just fine. He's just waiting for the sun to bring his country home back to life.

"When it's not raining it is very nice," says Dehner.

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