Trending today: Server has the best shift ever, and a phone rescue gone wrong

Chelsea having the best shift ever via YouTube
Chelsea having the best shift ever via YouTube
Ella being rescued from the storm drain via @Kent_999
Ella being rescued from the storm drain via @Kent_999
Adams' encounter with the fan.
Adams' encounter with the fan.

#PrankItFwd: Restaurant worker gets best shift ever

No doubt that restaurant servers are some hardworking people and deserve a nice tip.

Humor web site is doing positive pranks this week – what they're calling "Pranking it Forward," and a deserving waitress is having the best shift ever on the receiving end of their good deed.

What Chelsea thought was an ordinary day at the L.A restaurant where she works ended with her receiving four amazing "tips" from undercover do-gooders.

$1,000, two tickets to a Hawaii vacation, an offer for her dream job, and one more awesome prize that sends Chelsea's shift over the edge. Watch the video by clicking here.

Phone rescue gone wrong

We've all been there: You're rummaging through your purse or pockets searching for your cell phone when you hear it plop on the ground.

Ella from England experienced this all-too-familiar situation, except when her phone fell out of her pocket, it landed right in a storm drain. What's a millennial girl to do without her phone?

And that's how Ella got stuck in the storm drain. The local fire department had to be called to remove Ella from the street storm drain after she got inside to look for her cell phone. A witness got photos (and live-tweeted the entire thing) and said Ella was not injured. The 16-year-old was reportedly a good sport about the whole thing, joking and laughing while crews rescued her from the hole.

Unfortunately, Ella didn't get her phone back.

Reds fans vs. Matt Adams

Last night when Reds took on the Cardinals at GABP, St. Louis first baseman Matt Adams went over the tarp in an attempt to save a popup, but a Reds fan beat him to it.

The fan caught the foul ball, upon which Adams gave the fan a push. In response, the fans gave Adams a certain finger gesture.

The Internet is heating up as fans take their stance in the situation.

Was it a playful exchange or an aggressive move? Tell us what you think on our Facebook page. 

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