Hamilton breaks ground on natural gas filling station

This vehicle uses natural gas. Gordon Graham/FOX19
This vehicle uses natural gas. Gordon Graham/FOX19

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - The city of Hamilton broke ground Friday for a compressed natural gas, known as CNG, filling station.

It will be the first facility of its kind in southwest Ohio open to the public.

It's just the latest milestone in the growing use of alternative energy across the Tri-State.

A Ford Focus is one of four vehicles in the city of Hamilton's vehicle fleet that run on compressed natural gas but as more CNG stations come on line, Hamilton's project manager Mark Murray says you'll be seeing more of these vehicles and others like them on the road.

"They're cleaner burning. They're easier to maintain because you don't have all the dirt and everything that's involved with the maintenance of a regular vehicle," he said.

Murray says now that a CNG filling station is being built, CNG powered cars will become available locally.

There is a Honda dealership locally that when our station comes online they will be able to start buying a passenger vehicle from this particular dealership.

Right now most CNG vehicles are part of a fleet. Rumpke has 41 CNG garbarge trucks in its fleet.

Truck driver Ray Short says he was reluctant at first but now gives the vehicles a thumbs up.

"I did not want this type of truck but after being in the other truck style again and gotten used to this one and the performance and the way it goes and handles I couldn't wait to get back to it," he said.

Rumpke spokeswoman Molly Yeager says having CNG powered trucks makes good business sense.

"Although there's an additional cost for these trucks, there's actual cost savings over the lifetime of these trucks," he said.

State Rep. Wes Retherford, R-Hamilton, is pushing a bill that would provide an incentive to buy CNG powered cars and trucks.

"It's going to incentivize people to convert their vehicles to compressed natural gas if they so choose and they have the ability to by awarding them a tax credit when they do," he said.

Rumpke produces enough natural gas at its landfill in Colerain Township to run its entire fleet of trucks and the best thing about compressed natural gas is that it's a renewable resource.

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