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Bizarre past of the suspected KSU gunman Quavaughntay Tyler

The KSU gunman also stole $21,000 from the Brimfield Walmart and is a suspect in campus thefts. The KSU gunman also stole $21,000 from the Brimfield Walmart and is a suspect in campus thefts.

There's a story behind the man who had a gun go off into his own hand, sending the entire Kent State University campus into lockdown.
The records surrounding the case are at Kent Municipal Court, and they give a snapshot into the mind of suspected gunman Quavaughntay Tyler. His name was not unfamiliar with investigators.

Kent State Police Chief John Peach disclosed the details about Tyler. Records show that for more than six months the young man pocketed cash that wasn't his. He stole $21,000 from the Walmart in Brimfield where he was an employee, then; he posted internet pictures of himself holding the wads of cash. Tyler either returned bogus cell phones, or stole them and had friends return them with phony receipts he created. Tyler pocketed all of the profits.

Loss prevention officers watched him on surveillance video cameras. 

When confronted he admitted what he did and in a hand-written confession filled with grammatical errors documented, I have took money from Walmart only because I had no other way. What I can do is make things rite.

Still, Tyler has a record of being trouble, and bringing trouble, to all of those around him. A woman who he had stash his gun in her dorm room is now in hot water, and there are thefts which have happened on campus that he is a suspect in.

Because of the fired gun and campus-wide lockdown, he'll have to return to court for the Walmart thefts.

"Judges put you on probation for a reason. They want to give you a shot to rehabilitate and do the right thing," noted John Peach, Kent State Police Chief.

Because Tyler's probation violation included carrying a weapon he could also face federal charges.  

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