Deters says he won't practice law in Ky.

Attorney Eric Deters. File photo
Attorney Eric Deters. File photo
A document from the Kentucky Supreme Court issued Monday about Eric Deters.
A document from the Kentucky Supreme Court issued Monday about Eric Deters.

FRANKFORT, KY (FOX19) - Attorney Eric Deters told the Kentucky Supreme Court Monday that he will never practice law again in Kentucky.

Here is a statement from Deters:

"I have retired effective today from the practice of law in Kentucky. I want to stress I have no intention of retiring in Ohio and while I'm personally retiring, the law office where I have practiced and will practice in Ohio, have handled and will remain handling Kentucky cases. Kentucky lawyers will handle Kentucky cases.

​The reason I have retired is that I quite simply no longer want to practice law in a state where its governing body, the KBA, is on a continuous mission to "get" me.  I have fought them for five years. During this five years, I think I have defeated over 50 baseless bar complaints but have been found guilty of four and served two 60-day suspensions.

However, bar counsel has the power to object to the automatic reinstatement and force me to go through hell to be reinstated.  They have done this to me twice. I have served 12 months of suspension for only four months ordered by the Kentucky Supreme Court based on this rule.

It is preposterous.  And I can't stop them from using this rule in the future.

I filed a federal challenge to it but I'm tired of trying to fight them in court where they have immunity. My enemies include Kentucky Bar Counsel. Therefore, any enemy can file what they want against me with bar counsel and I'm left spending time and energy fighting it. I'm just done with it.

I apologize to my Kentucky clients but they are in good hands with lawyers in this office. All of my Kentucky cases are already being handled by another lawyer in the office.

​I am blessed that I don't need to practice law in Kentucky and I have decided that no matter how many times I fight them and win, I'm bound to lose in the end. When I consider the stress, time and effort to fight them balanced against retirement, retirement makes the most sense.

​The KBA and Bar Counsel does not like, appreciate or want a lawyer with my anti-lawyer, anti-establishment style. I fought the bar and the bar won."