Local schools reflect on security measures following Pa. tragedy

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Wednesday's stabbings in Pennsylvania are just the latest violent attack at a school, and security measures are becoming more of a top priority here in the Tri-state.

"It's something we worry about every day," said Todd Yohey, Oak Hills Schools Superintendent.

Violence in schools is a top concern for Yohey and the Oak Hills School District. He says in the last couple years, they've added school resource officers and have advanced security to enter the building. However, Yohey says it's also about being prepared in the event of an attack, and responding not reacting.

"I don't know if anyone can 100 percent guarantee that there won't be some type of event. If you respond, you're going to save lives, you're going to protect a lot more people," said Yohey.

Some school districts are looking into safety measures not seen in many schools. That includes talks of arming teachers or other staff members, but Yohey says that's not something they're willing to consider just yet.

"I think that's placing tremendous responsibility on those individuals," said Yohey.

Adding armed officers inside schools is another option. The Butler County Sheriff's Office currently has nine working in the four school districts.

"It's an issue that's ongoing. We don't see an end to it in the near future so that's why I think he takes such a adamant stance on having law enforcement there," said Lt. Jeff Riegert.

The sheriff's office would love to add more officers into schools, but it comes down to funding.

"If you've got kids even having a thought of something like that, seeing a uniform is a deterrent. So those deputies walking the hallways, interacting with the kids hopefully will avoid us having a situation here," said Lt. Jeff Riegert.

FOX19 also spoke with the Lakota School District, they say just last month they tripled the amount of officers in their schools.

Many of the districts say this is an issue they're updating now more than ever.

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