Chemical bombs found in Liberty Township, sheriff warns residents

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A series of incidents involving chemical reaction bombs has prompted the Butler County Sheriff's Office to warn citizens of their dangers.

Officers say the warning stems from two separate Liberty Township incidents in which residents found chemical bombs. Both incidents resulted in property damage and posed inherent physical dangers to the finders.

In the first incident, a caller found five chemical bombs in the 5200 block of Aspen Valley Drive. Officers say that the individual collected them and put them in the trash on Sunday. On Monday, the individual heard an explosion and went outside to investigate. Authorities say a woman found an additional bomb and brought it home to show her husband. Police say she dripped the contents on her carpet, leaving a burn trail on her carpet.

A second incident occurred Thursday morning in the 5200 block of Aspen Valley Drive. Officers say a resident found a chemical bomb lying in his driveway and attempted to kick it to the curb.

Officers say the bomb exploded, spraying the victim with acidic contents. Police say the victim was not injured but his boots and driveway sustained damage.

Sheriffs say that chemical bombs usually are made in plastic soda or water bottles. Pressure is generated inside the bottled by reacting with an acid or base with a metal in most cases. Officers say the reaction generates heat and Hydrogen gas as it builds pressure. An explosion sends acidic contents and shards of plastic in every direction.

Officers say the devices recovered by the bomb squad were wrapped in duct tape.

The Sheriff's Office is actively reviewing forensic evidence to identify suspects involved.

Authorities are cautioning residents who find bottles that may seem unusual.

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