Missing 2-year-old twins found dead in Dearborn Co. pool

AURORA, IN (FOX19) - Three days after they were flower girls at their parent's wedding, a mother and father are now planning funerals for their twin daughters.

Those twins, 2-year-old girls, were found dead in a neighboring pool while staying with family.  A neighbor found Shaylyn and Jocelyn Spurlock unresponsive just two doors from their parent's home on Dutch Hollow Road in Aurora, Ind. late Tuesday night after they were reported missing.

A frantic mother called police on Tuesday afternoon. The mother, Breanna Spurlock, told dispatch that she had left the children with her mother as she left to pick up a new piece of furniture.

"My mother was here and she fell asleep," Spurlock said in a 911 call. "They must have just snuck out of the house."

Spurlock told authorities she found toys outside of her home.

"All of the little balls that my daughters play with are in the hot tub," said Spurlock.

Spurlock continues to tell dispatch that she lives in a very residential area. She tells officials that her neighbor has a pool. However, Spurlock says she does not believe that her children could climb over the fence to reach the neighbor's yard. Dispatch suggested she check the pool just in case.

"My neighbors have already called the law on me a couple times. I don't want to go over there. I really don't," responded Spurlock.

Soon after, the girls were discovered in the pool by a neighbor.

"As I came down through my backyard, I went over to feed my dog and I met a police officer in the backyard and inquired what was going on. He told me that the two neighbor girls were missing," said Bob Bressert, the neighbor who discovered the girls' tragic fate.

At that time, Bressert says police were searching a wooded area for the girls. Officers were using a dog to help follow the trail. As Bressert headed home, his wife and a firefighter thought to check the neighbor's pool.

"We got about to the corner of my deck over here, and I saw something pink in the pool, and right away I knew when I saw something pink in the pool. It looked like it was one of the little girls," said Bressert.

They took off running to the pool.

"One of the little girls was towards the edge and my wife grabbed her out and ran up with the firemen and they started doing CPR. One of the other [girls] was out a little bit farther in the water and we were struggling to get her out. Finally, a fireman just jumped in the pool," said Bressert.

The twins were taken to an area hospital and pronounced dead.

"It's so close to home. You see it on TV, you see it on the news, but you never think it's going to be in your neighborhood," said Bressert.

Bressert says the homeowner where the pool sits is out of town.

Another neighbor told FOX19 that the children's family moved in about a month ago, and that the parents were married just last week.

A visitation service will be Saturday, April 12 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Hope Baptist Church in Dillsboro, Indiana. Services will be held immediately after at the same location.

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