Green Twp. intersection another dangerous one

The intersection of Rybolt Road and Harrison Avenue in Green Township. Gordon Graham/FOX19
The intersection of Rybolt Road and Harrison Avenue in Green Township. Gordon Graham/FOX19

GREEN TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Another FOX19 follow up to an investigation we did in February where we combed through data to bring you a look at some of the most dangerous intersections in our area.

Another one to add to that list is the intersection of Harrison Avenue and Rybolt Road in Green Township.

At least two people have been killed at that intersection, one of them recently and the victims' families are begging for changes.

The problem with the intersection, according to the families of two people who died here, is that the left turn signal onto Rybolt Road is far too short for all the left turning traffic to make it through the intersection safely. Plus oncoming traffic down Harrison Avenue is traveling far too fast.

Julie Gipson's son, Thomas Brooks, was killed Feb. 22. She says the main factor in her son's death was "speed, speed. Coming down that hill people just accelerating at a high rate of speed."

Brooks was a passenger in a pick up that was broad sided while making a left onto Rybolt Road.

Gipson says the solution is easy.

"What needs to be done is a permanent red light put in, for a left turn to slow all the traffic down," she said.

Adjusting traffic signals is the job of Hamilton County Engineer Ted Hubbard.

"We do keep an open mind about that. Our goal is to minimize accidents and maximize efficiency," he said.

Hubbard says Harrison Avenue and Rybolt Road is the county's fourth most dangerous intersection but he warns that changing the duration of traffic signals may have unintended consequences.

"If you make an adjustment to one component of the phasing sequence you can increase delay in the overall intersection," he said. "Now the problem with delay is that it causes motorists to take more risks generally speaking."

Statistics indicate risk taking drivers can cause more accidents.

Hubbard says he plans to meet with the Gipsons and other families on April 22 to talk about ways to make this intersection safer.

Anyone who may have witnessed the Feb. 22 accident at Harrison Avenue and Rybolt Road are urged to contract Green Township Police.

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