Jewish community leaders on high alert following Kansas City shooting

(FOX19) - The terrifying news of an alleged hate crime at  Jewish community center in Kansas City has local Jewish leaders in Greater Cincinnati on high alert.

"Anytime such a tragedy strikes, it's really horrific," said Sarah Weiss, who works with the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Cincinnati at their offices in Amberly Village. "We're very much in touch with the FBI and local law enforcement, and we are very thankful that we have relationships throughout the community and we are doing everything that we can to make sure that our community is safe."

Authorities call the shooting in Kansas a case of a "lone wolf" but even so local Jewish community leaders say it drives home a point.

They say the struggle for freedom and the fight against hate is not over. They also say this truth is only highlighted by the start of Passover.

"To go after innocent people any day, but especially on a day that is a tribute to freedom, one wonders what could posses a human being to behave like that. You have to believe that a person has lost all sensibIlity," said Gary Zola, a professor at Hebrew Union College.

Weiss agrees.

"As we go into our Passover seders this evening we will certainly be thinking of Kansas city and the victims there," she said.

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