N.Ky. road projects receive state funding

A view of the Brent Spence Bridge from Covington. FOX19 file photo
A view of the Brent Spence Bridge from Covington. FOX19 file photo

FRANKFORT, KY (FOX19) - Here's a summary of local road projects that were included in the two-year road plan the Kentucky General Assembly approved Monday.

Boone County:

Interstate 275 bridge over the Ohio River near Lawrenceburg, Ind. Inspection: $20,000

Limaburg access road and sidewalk from the intersection of Gateway Boulevard and Ky. 237 to existing Limaburg Road: $224,343

Construction of additional turn lanes at the intersection of Ky. 842 and U.S. 42: $4.4 million

Construct a ramp from the Mall Road interchange to southbound Interstate 75: $1.8 million

Intersection improvements project at U.S. 42 and Rice Pike/Hands Pike: $4.1 million

Provide additional left turn lane onto Worldwide Boulevard from Ky. 237. Add additional through lanes on Ky. 237 north of Tanners Lane. Provide lane extension on Worldwide Boulevard. $1.5 million

Extension of Wendell Ford Boulevard to Aero Parkway: $2.6 million

Reconstruction of the intersection of Camp Ernst Road and Longbranch Road. Widening of 1,900 feet of Longbranch Road: $744,240

Add left turn lanes on Frogtown Road at Triple Crown Boulevard and Cedarwood: $120,000

Two-lane extension of existing Veterans Way between Ky. 18 and Ky. 237: $1.65 million

Replace bridge on Ky. 20 over Woolper Creek: $1.65 million

Construction an additional U.S. 42 left turn lane to northbound Mall Road: $1.98 million

Campbell County

Installation of sidewalks and traffic control measures along Fourth and Monmouth streets from Saratoga to Monmouth and Third Street and Eighth Street/Columbia to Putman and Ninth Street in Newport: $250,000

Construct sidewalks and install crosswalks and roadway markers along Dayton Pike from Seventh Street to Chateau Drive and along Belmont Road to Ervin Terrace in Dayton: $161,200

Ky. 9 reconstruction along new route to Ky. 8 near the Fourth Street Bridge: $2.66 million

Reconstruct Ky. 9 along a new route north of 10th Street: $4.5 million

Reconstruct Ky. 9 along new route from north of 10th Street to U.S. 27: $8.5 million

Construct new Interstate 471 southbound off ramp at Ky. 8: $2.7 million

Transportation improvements to AA/I-275 Connector: $5.4 million

Transportation improvements to AA/I-275 Connector: $7.2 million

Construct new technology triangle access road: $1.4 million

Culvert extension carrying Taylor Creek under Ky. 8 and Riverboat Row: $3.6 million

Repaving and drainage improvements on Lincoln Road between Ward Avenue and Woodlyn Bridge in Bellevue: $1 million

Spot improvements and minor repair work within Newport: $1.2 million

Spot improvements and minor repair work within Dayton: $500,000

Spot improvements and minor repair work within Highland Heights: $500,000

Kenton County:

Brent Spence Bridge project development: $22 million

Extend the second eastbound lane of Thomas More Parkway from Turkeyfoot Road to Centerview Boulevard: $685,400

Pavement and sidewalk restoration along Sixth Street from Scott Street to Russell Street. Also sidewalk improvements on Scott Street from Fourth Street to Sixth Street: $1.4 million

Phase 1 of multi-use path along Bromley Crescent Springs Road from Anderson Road to Amsterdam Road: $1.2 million

Resurfacing of Russell Street from Sixth Street to 18th Street: $142,890

Pedestrian/bicycle trail through Ludlow, Covington, Newport and Bellevue along the Ohio River: $481,600

Installation of new traffic signal at Thomas More Parkway and South Loop Road, including pedestrian signals: $113,640

Resurfacing and stabilization of Dudley Road; bus shelter from Dixie Highway to Winding Trails Drive: $1.2 million

Edgewood LED signals. Intersections along Dudley Road and Thomas More Parkway: $50,960

Install guardrail on Ky. 8 beginning 1.22 miles east of Ky. 371 extending east to 1.53 miles east of Ky. 371: $42,105

West 15th Street; Replace bridge and approaches over CSX Railroad in Covington: $1.89 million

Evaluate bridge on Ky. 1120 over CSX Railroad; 11th Street east of Russell Street: $2.6 million

Replace bridge on Pruett Road over Decoursey Creek at junction with Marshall Road: $600,000

Install additional lane within row on Ky. 8 intersecting with Philadelphia Street in Covington. Work will happen on Fourth Street west of Philadelphia Street to Crescent Street: $1.26 million

Elimination of traffic signal by realigning an intersection on U.S. 25 allowing free flow traffic in Covington: $760,000

Reconstruct Hands Pike from Ky. 17 to Crystal Lake Drive: $5.25 million

Resurface Main Street and Highwater Road in Bromley: $500,000

Reconstruction of Pike and Main streets in Covington: $1.7 million

Reconstruct Ky. 16 between 38th Street and Howard Litzler Drive: $750,000

Sidewalk and curb construction on Dixie Highway from North Arlington north to Covington sidewalk system: $250,000

Improve intersection of Ky. 1486 and Ky. 2047. $260,000

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