Stats: Texting and driving citations

Ohio was the last out of the three Tri-States to implement a distracted driving law, and it's been one year since that law went into effect. 42 of the 50 states now have laws against texting and driving.

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to use a phone while driving in Ohio. It's a primary offense for teens, meaning they can be pulled over if caught texting or talking on the phone while driving. For adults, it's a secondary offense, which means they can be cited if pulled over for another offense.

In the last year, 3,000 distracted driving crashes were reported in Ohio – 19 of them were fatal. Authorities say it's hard to determine if texting is a cause of crashes, so those statistics could be underreported.

In Indiana and Kentucky it is a primary offense to text and drive.

State troopers in all three states say it isn't just texting that can get you pulled over. Checking social media, sending an email, or browsing your phone is included in the offense.

Have the restrictions yielded results? Check out the breakdown of citations issued.

Ohio, March 2013 – February 2013

42 citations: ages 18 and under

230 citations ages 18 and over.

Indiana, 2013

Citations: 186


Kentucky, 2013

Citations: 842

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