New technology puts doctors at emergency scene

The Tempus Pro.
The Tempus Pro.

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Fire department is the first in the country to receive technology that brings doctors to the scene of a medical emergency.

The technology, called Tempus Pro, it includes all life-support tools EMTs typically use, but it allows a doctor at a local hospital to view the patients' status in real-time, improving coordination between first responders and emergency rooms.

"Because you can't have a physician on every run, or at every accident scene, this will allow you to have the eyes and ears of the physician at the hospital," said a representative from Tempus Pro.

The technology was first developed for military use and reportedly saved countless lives during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Dr. Johannigman of UC Medical Center fist used the Tempus Pro while serving overseas and helped Cincinnati to acquire the device and software.

"When we saw this technology a few months ago, we were blown away by it," said Fire Chief Richard Braun.

Doctors can remotely see photos of what's happening in the field while they remain at the hospital thanks to Tempus Pro. They can also review data and vital signs in order to analyze the situation and give advice on how to handle the patient in need.

Software for the system is being distributed to local hospitals.

"It's going to be game-changing for the city of Cincinnati and our citizens," said Lt. Ronald J. Wilkins of Cincinnati Fire.

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