Cameras roll on peregrine falcon nest high above Cincinnati

Photo from Raptor Cam 2
Photo from Raptor Cam 2

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - High above the City of Cincinnati lays an active peregrine falcon nest. The nest sits on the 27th floor ledge of the 4th and Vine PNC building in downtown Cincinnati.

Four eggs are being incubated in the nest. As of April 8, two live cameras have been tracking the falcons' nesting, streaming the incubation process across the globe.

Two 'Raptor Cams' are fixed on the falcon nest. Support for the Raptor Cam will benefit, a Milford non-profit dedicated to the preservation of birds of prey through rehabilitation, education and conservation.

Officials with RAPTOR, Inc. say that incubation began around April 4. Since this time, two falcons have been switching on and off during the incubation process, according to

The cameras are anxiously awaiting the hatching of the eggs. However, officials are unsure when the hatching will take place.

Peregrine falcons are no longer on the endangered species list. However, they are still federally protected. It is illegal to harm or destroy a falcon or its nest. Peregrine falcons are strong hunters, diving at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour to prey on other birds in mid-flight.

To watch the live cameras, click here:

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