Happy Earth Day: Here's how to make your own compost

(FOX19) - Tuesday is Earth Day and on the The Xtra, we'll show you how to make your own compost.

Our guest is Ryan Mooney Bullock, the director of the Green Learning Station.

You can use whatever you have on hand: discarded wooden pallets, cinder blocks, wire garden fencing, etc.

What to put in your compost
1. Greens (nitrogen): Collect produce scraps, grass clippings, coffee grounds, aquarium water (freshwater) and weeds that have not seeded.

2. Browns (carbon): Add dried leaves, paper towel/toilet paper rolls, newspaper, cardboard, paper egg cartons and sawdust. Tip: The smaller the pieces, the faster they break down.

3. Water: Without moisture, your compost pile will become too dry for the microbes and insects to do their thing. There should be a source of water nearby to keep the compost moist.

4. Air: Proper airflow will aid in the composting process. For larger compost piles, it's best to stir it occasionally, exposing the inner layers to the outside air.

If you maintain your compost, you'll know when it's ready to use when it is dark brown or black, soft, crumbly and earth smelly.

You can use this compost/soil for planting, nourishing established houseplants and spreading it in your garden.

Once you get your compost started, you'll want to turn it occasionally with a garden fork, which will help speed up the decomposing process.

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