Canines add new layer of airport security at CVG

(FOX19) - There is a new layer of security at CVG Airport that officials hope will improve the experience of flyers.

TSA Behavior Detection Officers are using canine explosive detection teams to conduct what they call "real time" threat assessments to improve efficiency and add another layer of security.

Individuals who are initially screened by canine units can go through a quicker security process by being able to leave on shoes and belts when walking through security checkpoints. The new system would also allow individuals to keep laptop computers in their cases.

The canine teams and Behavior Detection Officers will work together to do real time threat assessments and direct additional passengers to the TSA Pre Check lanes.

"We're trying to get away from that one-size-fits-all type approach to security and moving more to risk based security. So the use of canines is just one of those layers that we use, to try and expedite screening through the airport," says Mark Howell, a TSA regional Spokesperson.

The TSA says it will always incorporate random and unpredictable security measures throughout the airport. Nobody will be guaranteed expedited screening.

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