Hamilton Police taking missing teen case 'very seriously'

Hamilton Police taking missing teen case 'very seriously'

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Police are searching for a Hamilton teen who went missing on Friday night.

Patty Calise is waiting patiently for her phone to ring in hopes of getting some good news about her daughter. But as minutes turn to hours, the hours are turning to days.

"I've been a mess, it really hit me this morning though. She's been doing great, she's been happy. When she left she didn't bring anything with her," said Patty Calise.

Calise says in the past, she could always track her daughters cell phone activity. But after checking Noel's log, Calise says she hasn't called or sent a text to anyone since Saturday -- something that is extremely odd.

"She has her phone with her 24 hours a day just texting and doing something so it's very unlikely for her not to use it. She hasn't been on Facebook," said Calise.

Noel's sister Victoria says they're just two and a half years apart and she misses the simple things like sending her a text.

"I would come home and say I'm going to ask Noel this or something and she's not here," said Victoria.

Police say they deal with runaways all the time, but they're taking this case very seriously. Officials say it's unusual because Noel seems to always keep in contact through social media.

"I think finally with constant conversations with them they're realizing this isn't normal behavior," said Calise.

"I'm hoping we find her and she comes home safe and hopefully without a scratch," said Victoria.

Calise says hearing about missing children who are tragically found is scary, and that's why she wishes police would have acted quicker.

"If I thought she was just frivolously just doing what she wanted, I would have never contacted police. I would have hunted her down by myself and dealt with it but at this point something is wrong and I wish they would have jumped on it two days ago," said Calise.

Family and friends of Noel are setting up different search parties over the next few nights.

Noel Roy has brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5-foot-2 and weighs 160 pounds. At this time, there is no clothing description. Anyone who knows where she is, contact Hamilton Police.

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