Project asks Xavier students to lock up smart phones

A promotion for the event via #muskiesUNplugged Facebook
A promotion for the event via #muskiesUNplugged Facebook

A project at Xavier is asking students to lock up their smart phones for a few hours.

#muskiesUNplugged is an on-campus experiment happening on Friday that encourages people to 'let life in' by going smart phone-free for a few hours.

Participants don't actually have to hand over their phones. They'll be given a bag and zip tie to "lock" their devices in while they mingle in the cafeteria and receive free prizes just for participating.

"Your phone can't hug you back, find a new bestie," and "Stop looking at your screen. The world around you is awesome," are a couple of lines used to promote the #muskiesUNplugged event.

The project is for Professor Matthew Dooley's Social Media course. It is Friday from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. in the University's cafeteria.

"It's pretty insightful for these really tech and social-savvy undergrads to recognize the grip that our smart phones have on our lives," said Professor Dooley.

The Social Media class had an assignment of going 24 hours without their own phones in preparation for the event.

"We're all hoping that students not only realize their smart phone dependency but also appreciate the beauty of living in the moment," said Dooley. 

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