Police Chase Leads to Traffic Death

Reading and Evendale police are investigating a brief but deadly police pursuit on Reading Rd Sunday evening.

Police received a call of a couple arguing at the Evendale Walgreen's on Glendale Milford at Reading. When they arrived, the people arguing had moved to their car, and the car took off at high speed southbound on Reading.

Within 45 seconds of the police officer reporting the chase, it had ended with a crash on Reading near Columbia Avenue in Reading. The Chrysler police were pursuing had rear ended a small car, flipping it, and killing the 68-yr-old woman driving it. The Chrysler then came to rest next to a business across the street.

Evendale Police say the driver, 52-yr-old Randy Smith of Hartwell, was combative, and they used a taser on him. He and the woman with him were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. Police said Smith would be charged.

Evendale Police are investigating the pursuit, and Reading Police are investigating the crash.