Woman alleges Alfredo Simon 'stole my sense of purpose in life'

Reds pitcher accused of sexual assault, woman seeks $15M

(FOX19) - A woman has filed a lawsuit against Cincinnati Reds pitcher Alfredo Simon claiming sexual assault.

The Reds reliever, turning heads this season with his performance as a starter, now faces distractions off the field.

The plaintiff, identified as Jane Doe and a New Jersey resident, is suing Simon for $15 million. She claims the rape happened in April 2013 as the Reds wrapped up a four-game swing with the Nationals in Washington D.C.

The lawsuit states that the plaintiff met Simon at Huxley nightclub on April 27. The woman allegedly met a man who identified himself as Simon's manager. Simon's manager introduced the plaintiff to Simon and Johnny Cueto and offered the woman and her friends tickets to an upcoming game, according to the suit.

Documents state that Simon bought the woman drinks, grabbed her hand and stated "we are getting out of here." Simon then hailed a taxi and brought the plaintiff back to the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel where more than 100 rooms had been rented by the Reds, according to the lawsuit.

The woman states she went back to Simon's room. Here, the plaintiff states a romantic encounter turned into a physical attack. Records show that the woman cried out for Simon to stop, but he continued to force himself on her.

The suit states the woman fled from Simon's room crying and took a taxi back to the nightclub. Documents state the woman related her account with Simon to her roommate, still bleeding from her sex organs.

According to the lawsuit, a Sexual Assault Forensic Examination was performed the following morning. The exam revealed numerous injuries from the incident.

On May 2, the attack was reported to D.C. Metropolitan Police.

The lawsuit asks for $5 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages.

The alleged victim has released a statement following the incident:

"The public may know me as Jane Doe, but I have a name, a face, and a family. I am as human as the next person. When I moved to DC for my job I really wanted to help people. I always felt so fortunate to have the family I did and especially my education. I wanted to make a difference. Being a counselor for at-risk youth was hard but there was nothing more fulfilling than helping someone to become the person they were mean to be. But I never went back to that job after April 27, 2013. I sometimes feel like this man stole my sense of purpose in life. I am in therapy now trying to work through the pain, but I am still angry. While the physical injuries have healed, I will never be the same."

Attorney Jack Quinn, Simon's lawyer, broke his silence to FOX19 on Friday. Quinn says that the claims are baseless and he plans to defend and fight for Simon.

Quinn says he believes Simon will be exonerated.

Simon was acquitted of involuntary manslaughter in the Dominican Republic in 2011.

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