Simulator warns prom-goers of drunk driving

The simulator, from Save a Life Tour web site.
The simulator, from Save a Life Tour web site.

Thousands of teens in the Tri-State will attend prom in the coming weeks, heightening the concerns for drunk driving.

One in ten teens have admitted to drinking and driving, according to the CDC. One in five teens drivers involved in fatal crashes has some alcohol and their system, and a local high school is looking to show students the dangers of those stats.

The 'Save a Life Tour' is stopping at Middletown High School on Friday where they'll have drinking and driving simulators for students to test out. The simulators give participants a realistic, sober perspective on the effects of drunk driving through giant monitors and steering wheels.

Here is how many Tri-State teens admit to have driven intoxicated, according to the CDC.

  • Ohio: 9.2% - 11%
  • Kentucky: 4.6% - 8.9%
  • Indiana: 4.6% - 8.9%

The good news is that drinking and driving by teens has decreased 54% in the past few years.

Simulators have become a common way be proactive in keeping students safe on prom night.

"No one that experiences 'Save a Life Tour' will leave unaffected," the web site says.

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