No Flu Vaccine For Ohio Nursing Homes

State's nursing homes haven't gotten any flu vaccine

Despite promises that it was coming, Ohio's 800 nursing homes have not seen any flu vaccine yet this season.

The flu virus preys on the elderly and infirm. Ninety-one percent of last year's flu deaths were of those 65 or older. The vaccine shortage began in early October, when British regulators shut down drug manufacturer Chiron Corporation's vaccine factory over fears of contamination. America lost about 46 million doses, leaving the country with only the 52 million doses produced by Aventis Pasteur. The Ohio Health Care Association, a trade association representing the state's nursing homes, says it has been advised by the Centers for Disease Control that nursing homes will be getting the vaccine.

Meanwhile, several large hospital systems in Greater Cincinnati say they have been contacted by vendors trying to sell flu vaccine for up to ten times the regular price. TriHealth spokesman Joe Kelley says the hospital system won't pay those prices.