Video simulator preps officers for real life scenarios

(FOX19) - FOX19 got an inside look at the tough decisions made by officers with the Firearms Training System, or FATS, at Beckfield College in Florence.

The FATS system is video simulator that takes law enforcement officers through real life scenarios and potential conflicts.

"FATS, as its known in the industry, is really used to help guide people in learning the steps when they get into an active scenario when they are out in the community. They then understand how to one, maybe orally or mentally deal with it, and then [determine] if use of force is necessary and what the best way to do that is," said Suzanne Deathridge, a spokesperson for Beckfield College.

Officers then apply that training out in the field.

"Any simple situation can escalate in just moments based on what the victim or the perpetrator does as well as the police officer, so this provides that perfect training opportunity," said Suzanne.

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