Council approves bike friendly projects for Cincinnati

Council approves bike friendly projects for Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Wednesday was a big day for Cincinnati city council approving various bike projects. Cycling enthusiasts say this is great for the local economy.

"I would not be surprised if we start making some national attention," said Nern Ostendorf, with Queen City Bike.

Ostendorf says there's national studies showing that driving is declining, especially among young people. As a city, Cincinnati has to adopt.

"We should be updating our transportation infrastructure to go along with that trend so it'll be paying off in the long run," said Ostendorf.

One of the bike friendly projects receiving a big chunk of change is the Bike Share.

"It's going to allow someone to check out a bike, bike to another station and check that bike back in," said Bike Share executive director Jason Barron.

Barron says Cincinnati will have 35 stations in downtown, Over-the-Rhine and uptown. A study by the city shows that it would cost between $70 and $100 for an annual Bike Share membership. Compare that to up to $9,000 to operate a car for the same year.

"Bike Share is going to take away a lot of the barriers to cycling like worrying about where to lock it up, having to worry about what to do with it when you go to work, having to worry about storing it in your apartment," said Barron.

With the arrival of more trails, the protective bike lanes along Central Parkway and a bike checkout system, Ostendorf says this will certainly attract more businesses. He says cyclists are like window shoppers.

"When you have someone traveling at 10 mph instead of 45 mph they're much more likely to say 'hey I've been looking at this place on my ride home every day, why don't I take a peek,'" said Ostendorf.

"It's becoming something that people are starting to expect from their city. It's kind of an amenity that people really want to have. They want to make their city livable, easy to get around and really convenient for them," said Barron.

The Bike Share program is expected to launch this summer.

Bike enthusiasts say Cincinnati is just on the outside of the top 50 cities for being bike friendly.

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