Recipe: Molly Wellmann's Mint Julep

Molly Wellmann in the FOX19 studio
Molly Wellmann in the FOX19 studio

(FOX19) - Co-owner of popular bars Japps, Neons, and Old Kentucky Boubon Bar, Molly Wellman is Cincinnati's go-to cocktail guru.

What's the Kentucky Derby without Mint Juleps? Check out Molly's recipe:

4-5 ounces bourbon (I like to use Old Forester.)
0.5 ounces mint simple syrup
1 ounce Myers dark rum
1 fresh sprig of mint
Shaved or cracked ice
A julep cup, highball glass, or mason jar
1 straw

Fill glass with ice till it over flows.
In a mixing glass stir together bourbon and mint simple syrup.
Pour over ice. Gently float the dark rum on top. Garnish with sprig of mint and stew cut to size and place in with the mint sprig. Drink slowly!

Mint simple syrup
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
Big hand full of mint

In a pan heat water and sugar until sugar dissolves. Add mint and stir and let sit for 2 minutes until mint turns bright green. Remove mint and let syrup cool down to room temperature. Pour into a bottle. It will last about two weeks in the refrigerator.

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