Map: Flying Pig Marathon course

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Google maps (Click to enlarge)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon promises to be a beautiful course which "flies" along the streets of Cincinnati, Covington, and Newport. This race presents a well-balanced, diverse tour of some the best neighborhoods in the area.

Here is a detailed explanation of this year's course.

RSO - means use right side only as runners flow around the course.
SS - means all southside lanes, etc
ALL - means all of street

  • Start west of Elm on Mehring Way - ALL
  • East on Mehring Way - ALL
  • North on Main Street - ALL
  • East on Third Street - ALL
  • South on Broadway - ALL
  • Continue straight onto Taylor-Southgate Bridge into Newport - ALL
  • Go straight onto York into Newport - ALL
  • West on 4th Street - ALL
  • Continue on 4th Street into Covington - ALL
  • North on Clay Wade Bailey Bridge towards Cincinnati - ALL
  • Left on Third Street in Cincinnati - ALL
  • Third Street becomes Linn St. at Gest St. - ALL
  • Continue on Linn Street - ALL
  • Right on 8th Street - ALL
  • Take the 7th Street Exit - ALL
  • Continue on 7th Street - ALL
  • At the end of 7th Street go straight onto the Gilbert Ave. ramp - ALL
  • Continue on Gilbert - ALL
  • Right on Eden Park Drive - ALL
  • Take left fork at Mirror Lake - ALL
  • Follow Eden Park Drive around Mirror Lake - Eden Park Drive makes a right turn at the Gazebo and follows past the Krohn Conservatory - ALL
  • Right on Lakes Dr. into Eden Park Overlook - ALL
  • Right coming out of Lakes Dr. (Eden Park Overlook) back onto Eden Park Drive - ALL
  • Eden Park Drive becomes Victory Parkway as it makes a right turn - RSO
  • Follow Victory Parkway - RSO
  • Right on McMillan - ALL
  • Left on Woodburn - ALL - at William Howard Taft - RSO
  • Right on Madison - RSO
  • Right on Erie - RSO
  • Left on Paxton - RSO
  • Paxton turns right where it dead ends - RSO
  • Quick right on Wasson - ALL
  • Right on Marburg - RSO
  • Left on Erie - RSO
  • Continue on Erie over top of Red Bank Rd. - RSO
  • Right on Bramble - RSO
  • Right on Settle into Mariemont - ALL
  • Left on Murray eastbound on north side of street - ALL
  • Murray continues straight at Plainville - ALL
  • Right on Berwick/West - ALL
  • Left on Thorndike - ALL
  • Right on East Street, Right on Miami - RSO
  • Right on Wooster - (ONE LANE) RSO
  • Right on Madisonville - RSO
  • Madisonville becomes Murray (go straight into it) - ALL
  • Follow south side of Murray - ALL
  • At Murray and Settle angle over to the walk path using the grass for a short distance, Follow the Walk Path to Watterson into Fairfax
  • Left on Watterson - All
  • Right on Elder - ALL
  • Left on Southern - ALL
  • Right on Wooster - RSO (ONE LANE)
  • Wooster becomes Columbia Parkway - RS
  • Proceed on north side of Columbia Parkway - NS - one lane and berm, Take Eastern Ave. Exit - ALL
  • Continue on Eastern Ave. - NS
  • Left on Stanley - WS
  • Right on Kellogg - SS
  • Kellogg becomes Riverside Dr. - SS
  • Riverside Dr. becomes Pete Rose Way at Eggleston - follow Pete Rose Way- SS to Finish at US Bank Arena.