Marathon organizers ramp up security

(Photo: FOX19/Lisa Hutson)
(Photo: FOX19/Lisa Hutson)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Since the Boston Bombings of 2013, marathons all over the country have ramped up security. This year, the Flying Pig Marathon added 150 additional security personnel to the 200 they had in 2012.

Before the sun came up over downtown Cincinnati Sunday, hundreds of police officers stood ready for the thousands running through the heart of the Queen City. This year, they received some much appreciated support. Petty Officer Ardell Dupaty with the US Navy Reserves was just one of hundreds volunteering his services.

"We have about thirty sailors volunteering to help support The Flying Pig as far as security at various checkpoints," said Dupaty.

More than 350 police officers and security personnel covered the start and finish not to mention the more than five thousand volunteers including service members from every branch of the military. Sailors, airmen, soldiers and marines helped get runners where they needed to go and provide a presence only hundreds of uniforms can do.

"I think it makes them feel a little bit better. We have the Air Force out here and some are just out here just regular civis and they have on the volunteer t-shirts so the presence is very strong out here this morning," said Petty Officer Sherron Jones.

So many eyes help keep a good eye on runners and spectators making the largest Flying Pig ever also the safest.

"Everybody is like 'Oh good morning. How are you? Thank you for your service.' And we are like no thank you for letting us serve you. It's a really good thing for us to do. We're just trying to volunteer and give back to the community," said Jones.

Along with security, medical attention is vital for any marathon. 382 medical personnel positioned at various points on the course including a medical tent at the finish line provided emergency services to runners in need.

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