Frequently asked questions: Ohio primary elections

(FOX19) - The Ohio Primary Elections are Tuesday, May 6. Still unsure about primary voting? See these frequently asked questions:

Am I voting on Tuesday? All Ohioans have items to vote on including senators, congressional and house representatives.

How do I know if I'm registered to vote? Once you register to vote in at least one election in four years and do vote, you don't have to register again. But you must keep your registration information accurately updated. More info here: 

Is it too late to register? Yes, but you can still register for Nov. 4 general elections by Oct. 6.

Can I vote for both Democratic and Republican candidates? Cross-voting is not allowed in primary elections. Voters request their political party on Election Day and are given the appropriate ballot. Voters can request an issue-only ballot.

Can I vote for the political party I'm not registered in? Under current law you can ask for whichever political party ballot you wish to vote in at the polling location. If you previously voted for a different political party, you could be asked to sign a statement confirming the switch, but Tim Burke, Chair of the Hamilton County Democratic party, says it's unlikely for voters to be challenged on a party switch.

What should I bring to my polling location? You'll need identification such as a driver license or ID card that shows your address.

Where and when do I vote? May 6, at your polling location between 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Find out polling locations by clicking here:

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