Cincinnati takes proactive approach to cleaning chronic dump sites

Cincinnati takes proactive approach to cleaning chronic dump sites

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Illegal dump sites continue to be a big issue in Cincinnati, but now the city has a plan to help clean it all up.

"It's a nice lane I'd really like to see it cleaned up," said Sandy Howard.

Sandy Howard says she spends four to five hours every week cleaning up trash just down the street from where she lives.

"From week to week we never know what we're going to get or what we have to dodge with our cars," said Howard.

FOX19 visited Howard earlier this year, and she says it took the city three weeks after that visit to clean up the mess.

"It's a great concern because one person dumps, the next person comes along they see it and they follow suit," said Howard.

But now the city is taking a more proactive approach. Keep Cincinnati Beautiful in conjunction with public works are now trying to pinpoint all the chronic dumpsites. Once they have a list, they plan to visit the sites regularly just to check on the condition.

"Cincinnati beautiful doesn't know where they all are and if you want them to be cleaned up we need your help in identifying," said Cincinnati Vice Mayor David Mann.

Councilman David Mann fully supports the city's efforts, but he says the city is also looking into any possible changes to their one garbage can per household policy. He says this may be part of the problem.

"A lot of families in the course of a week develop enough garbage to fill more than one can and guess what if people don't have any place to put the garbage they may look for sites that are not legal," said Mann.

Howard says it usually takes six to eight phone calls to get the city to come pick up the trash, and she says a more organized system is needed.

"Right now when we call the city we don't get a lot of response but if they're going to make this a project or a priority then yeah I'm going to have a lot of faith in them," said Howard.

If you're caught illegally dumping this stuff, it's a minor misdemeanor.

Those who break the law three or more times in one year will get slapped with a fourth degree misdemeanor which is a fine of up to $250.

Residents who have concerns with chronic dumpsites are encouraged to reach out to the public works department or Keep Cincinnati Beautiful.

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