FOX19 Investigates: Residencygate: Council members respond to FOX19 Investigation

Residencygate: Council members respond to FOX19 Investigation

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - "Now we have a residencygate," Council Member Charlie Winburn told other council members on Wednesday in response to a FOX19 investigation.

At issue, a city ordinance passed unanimously last May by council members requiring all city department directors to live within city limits.

The dozen or so department directors all make six figures, lead large departments and have a huge impact on the people who live and work in the city. But our investigation uncovered several of those directors don't live in the city.

It's an issue council members took issue with today.

"I've always been a fervent believer that if people make the rules for these people, they ought to live here. If we are good enough to generate a paycheck from, I think we are good enough to live here," said Council Member Wendell Young.

But council members say that's not the most disturbing thing our investigation uncovered.

We learned the man who runs Metropolitan Sewer District, Tony Parrott, supplied an address on Westwood. FOX19 learned that address is a vacant lot.

Meanwhile, Parrott lives in a home in Butler County.

Kenneth Glenn, who heads the city's Department of Citizen Complaints and Internal Audit also lives in Butler County, even though he supplied an address on Whetsel.

When we FOX19 went to that Whetsel home, we were told the Dees family has lived there for the past 30 years. We later learned George Dees, who owns that home is Kenneth Glenn's brother-in-law. On Glenn's property records in Butler County, his wife is listed as "Shirley A. Dees-Glenn."

"I'm not willing to overlook the act we've been lied to or we've been allegedly lied to. So I'd like to see in your report what we are going to do about that," said Wendell Young.

Council members also showed concern about their Human Resources Director, Georgetta Kelly.  Kelly supplies an address in an apartment on Probasco Street near the University of Cincinnati's campus.

In an email to FOX19, she tells us she pays rent for that apartment, has utility bills and votes in Hamilton County.

Kelly's name is also on a mailbox in that building even though neighbors tell us they've never seen her there.

Meanwhile, Kelly's husband lives in a gated home in Dayton, Ohio.

"This is a complex issue. Recent state laws that have been changed. City ordinance. Municipal codes we are thinking about," said interim City Manager Scott Stiles.

Stiles is the man charged with getting to the bottom of what our investigation uncovered.  Cincinnati council members are now asking Stiles to look into the residency issues, that possibly false addresses may have been supplied and the implications that could have on voter fraud.

"It's not just a small issue. If we have directors that are indicating their residency in different locations and that doesn't match up with the board of elections," said Council Member Chris Smitherman.


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