Residents divided over crime problems in Walnut Hills

The apartment where the sign used to hang.
The apartment where the sign used to hang.

WALNUT HILLS (FOX19) - A property owner is calling for change in one Tri-state neighborhood and the message couldn't be any more clear.

Like many Cincinnati neighborhoods, Walnut Hills is a mixed bag of development, decay, crime and people working to make things better.

The owner of an apartment building in the 900-block of Churchill Avenue recently put up a large banner which reads: 'Drugs and sex for sale 24/7. Help us. Call City Councilman Christopher Smitherman or Cincinnati police.'

However, Shawna Guip, who runs a local consignment shop, says she disagrees.

"I've never witnessed anything that's remotely like drugs or prostitution. I find it very safe even in the short period of time that I did live here I'd walk my dog all hours of the day and never had a problem," Guip said.

"Police are aware of the problems in Walnut Hills and are working with residents and businesses to address their concerns about crime," District 4 police commander Captain Mike Neville told FOX19.

However, Lonnie Roland, a barber at Cuts Plus says he thinks there's a problem.

"It's definitely a problem. It's a problem to everybody, I mean you know we got kids here growing up that shouldn't have to be exposed to things of that nature," Roland said.

Amber Gosser, who manages an apartment on Kemper Lane near E. McMillan, says she's trying to be part of the solution.

"We've installed security cameras, we've seen quite a few things happen around here like drug deals, we've seen people smoking crack on the steps we're just trying to clean up the neighborhood," Kemper explained.

FOX19 reached out to other residents along Churchill Avenue where the banner was placed. They declined comment, but they will say the banner was stolen a short time after it was put up.

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