19 things you didn't know about Ken Griffey Sr.

19 questions for Ken Griffey Sr.

(FOX19) - Ken Griffey Sr. stopped by the studio Wednesday morning to discuss his new book, "Big Red: Baseball, Fatherhood, and My Life in the Big Red Machine." 

Behind the scenes, I had a chance to ask him 19 personal questions.

  1. Favorite ice cream? Butter pecan.
  2. Favorite sports team? Pittsburgh Steelers.
  3. Favorite dish to cook? Fried chicken.
  4. What other languages can you speak? A little bit of Spanish.
  5. Favorite color? Blue.
  6. Favorite TV show? NCIS.
  7. Neighborhood you grew up in? The projects of Highland Terrace in Pennsylvania.
  8. First car? A light blue 1965 Plymouth Belvedere.
  9. Best experience of your career? Playing with my son.
  10. Last movie you saw? "Frozen."
  11. Mustard or ketchup on your hot dog? Mustard.
  12. Favorite holiday? Christmas.
  13. If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? President Obama.
  14. One of your biggest fears? I don't have any right now.
  15. Dogs or cats? We have two dogs and one cat.
  16. How many siblings do you have? Six.
  17. The beach or skiing in the mountains? Neither.
  18. Who did you look up to when you were a kid? My older brother.
  19. Favorite book? Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum.

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