Lakota school looks at security after man poses as NFL player

Lakota school looks at security after man poses as NFL player

(FOX19) - Questions about school security at a Butler County elementary school have led to extra police patrols and some parents keeping their kids home.

At Adena Elementary School in West Chester, you have to check in, get a visitor's badge and have an escort. That's what an ex-student did last week. He committed no crime and was "who he represented himself to be," says a school spokesman.

However, he lied about his career, saying he played in the NFL, according to police, and letters sent home by school staff.

That sent up some red flags, and leaves a lot of "What ifs" in the minds of parents. The incident has the school looking over their security plans and policies.

"We have officers that are assigned to the beat. They're obviously going to increase their presence. When you have concerns, when parents are concerned, they want to see that presence up there," said Capt. Brian Rebholz of the West Chester Police Department.

Police have spent time on the school grounds as students are coming and going from the property.

That comes after that incident with an ex-student last week. That person followed all visitor protocols, as did the school, while he came to visit some former teachers. The issue came when, police say, he lied about his employment.

"Somebody said that he was a professional football player. We got all these letters and stuff that said that he was lying," said Jonathan Kreimer, a fourth grade student at the school.

Kreimer says that person was in his classroom, as well as his sister's.

Since Monday, Adena officials have sent two letters to parents. The first letter addresses concerns over the incident.  The second letter, which was sent on Wednesday, talks about changes to security plans and assured parents all is well.

"He didn't have any ill intent. But there's always the, 'what if,'" said Capt. Rebholz.

Police are working with the school to tighten security plans.

"If there's something that we need to correct, then that's obviously what the schools will ask, 'what can we do better?' That question has been asked and obviously we'll accommodate," Capt. Rebholz told FOX19.

The concern is still there for students who learn at the school every day.

"I feel safe because they're redoing the security and everything. But, I kind of feel worried about it because I just don't want it to happen again," said Kreimer.

No charges were filed. However, that visitor, according to one of the letters, has been asked by the school not to return. Since the incident,

Adena officials have already tweaked their visitor policy. They tell parents in the letters that they'll continue to review safety and security.

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