Lincoln Heights Elementary School placed on lockdown for remainder of school year

Lincoln Heights Elementary School placed on lockdown for remainder of school year

LINCOLN HEIGHTS, OH (FOX19) - Due to increased violence in the area, Lincoln Heights Elementary School has been placed on lockdown for the remainder of the school year.

The Princeton Board of Education discussed a 'significant concern' over the safety and security of students, visitors and staff within Lincoln Height Elementary on Monday.

As a result, a letter was sent out informing members of the community of the new school restrictions.

The Princeton Board of Education and administrators have decided to implement a lockdown status for Lincoln Heights Elementary School in order to provide additional safety measures for students and staff, according to a letter sent to the community. These additional measures include the elimination of outdoor recess, elimination of extracurricular activities, reduction in staff travel throughout the day and an increased presence by the Lincoln Heights Police Department. Officials say that the building will be placed in lockdown mode at all times.

School officials say that the decision comes in wake of "a significant amount of random violence within the Village of Lincoln Heights."

The letter addresses a few problems that the increased safety may cause:

"Please be aware that the violent acts within the community are random, and still occurring with some frequency. As events occur, the Princeton Board of Education and administrators will be responding immediately to those situations. Actions to increase safety may result in delayed dismissal or stoppage of bussing into and out of the community which may impact other routes throughout the district. If this occurs, the District will utilize the One Call system to alert families impacted by the changes."

The Princeton Board of Education, administrators, council and Lincoln Heights Police say they are continuing to work to increase safety and security for all students and staff.  

A special meeting will be held at the school on Monday to discuss further details. The meeting will discuss increased security in a variety of ways. Officials say the most drastic measure would be to close the school for the rest of the year.

Princeton Superintendent Dr. Gary Pack says all decisions are in the hands of the school board, but they will only be dealing with short term options at this meeting.

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