10 ways to get your children outdoors

Children play on a seesaw. Photo by KXLN 45 Houston (MGN)
Children play on a seesaw. Photo by KXLN 45 Houston (MGN)

(FOX19) - Here are 10 ways to get your children outdoors:

1. Limit screen time. The average American child spends seven hours a day plugged into electronic media. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than two hours a day and none for children under the age of two.

2. Give kids ideas for outdoor activities to get them started but be careful not to hover. They will derive the greatest benefit from self-directed, creative play.

3. Make sure that your own backyard is child-friendly.

4. Take a child to the park, nature center or zoo.

5. Send a child to camp.

6. Understand the problem and talk about it with others – family, friends, teachers, neighbors, church and co-workers.

7. Encourage a school, pre-school or church to build a nature playscape, school garden or outdoor classroom, then volunteer and/or help fund that effort.

8. Make others aware of the resources available on our website.

9. Advocate – be a voice for the right of a child to play in a healthy environment.

10. Support parks, nature enters, camps and other organization that are connecting children with nature by volunteering and donating.

Source: Leave No Child Inside

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