Elder receives $2.5M gift from anonymous family

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WEST PRICE HILL, OH (FOX19) - Elder High School received a $2.5 million gift from an anonymous family, who's earned the nickname "Guardian Angel" from multiple generous donations.

Principal Tom Otten announced the donation Friday and said the family earned the nickname "because they seem to be aware of our most pressing needs, yet choose to avoid the spotlight."

Tuition for 2014-2015 school year is $10,200. Otten said the $2.5 million gift will be directed to the school's need-base program, which is the only way many families are able to even consider Elder. The family will work through their investment advisor to find the best ways they can help with the program.

In 2007, the Guardian Angel family initially donated $2 million. Half was to permanently endow a fund that provides a match for the staff's 401-K program.  The other half went to the campaign to develop the Panther Athletic Complex (PAC).

The complex opened in 2008 and is home to Elder tennis, track-field, soccer and baseball.  Seton High School and several Westside elementary schools also utilize the PAC.

School officials said another 2007 donation of $500,000 enabled Elder to begin a one-to-one technology program for the students.

In 2009, the family anonymously donated $1 million to give the school's financial aid program a boost and followed with another $500,000 gift for the program in 2011.

"Apparently our Guardian Angels were so pleased with the outcome of that initial tuition-aid gift they chose to increase their investment with this gift," Otten said. "And that's exactly what it is—an investment in the future. Education helps shape potential and possibilities. Lives are changed. Investing in young people is a no-brainer. I am forever grateful to our Guardian Angel family."

Elder High School is located at 3900 Vincent Avenue in West Price Hill and has served students from Greater Cincinnati for over 90 years.

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