Resident: Mount Auburn drug deals happening "all hours of the day"

Resident: Mount Auburn drug deals happening "all hours of the day"

MOUNT AUBURN, OH (FOX19) - Suspected drug dealing in Mount Auburn has one woman seeing red. The deals are allegedly happening on Young Street at all hours of the day.

Witnesses say the alleged dealers pull up to the dead end of Young Street. Then, they walk down the steps where they meet their customer and make a quick transaction.

A woman - who we'll call Cheryl - says she sees it all from her office window.

"It's constant drug deals. It's been going on for years," she says.

Cheryl says she sees what she believes to be drug dealing happening constantly in her neighborhood.

"I would say in the last year, or year-and-a-half the traffic has increased dramatically."

A FOX19 camera was rolling when a suspected drug dealer walked back to his car moments after going down the steps. A few hours later, the same car returns and the driver goes down the steps. However, this time his passenger sees the camera and drives off.

The car returns a third time and both driver and passenger ask FOX19's Gordon Graham about the video he was tapping. Gordon turned the camera on them and they take off.

Cheryl says she's complained to police but didn't get a satisfactory response.

"The police department's excuse for not doing anything about it is because it happens so fast that they can't catch the guys that are coming over from Kentucky," she says. "Just like you saw that car and that's just not acceptable. I mean, why can't you come sit out here. I mean, I called the task force. I never heard back from them."

In our commitment to balanced news, FOX19 reached out to the District 4 police commander who then contacted Cheryl. Cheryl says police say they'll look into the problem.

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