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Cincinnati budget pushes bike trails rather than bike lanes


Some cycling enthusiasts are concerned over the city's future plans to fund different bike projects.

The city's proposed budget would shift the focus towards bike trails instead of bike lanes on existing roads. Mayor Cranley's office says this is a policy shift focusing on bike trails in the near future.
"Some people want trails, some people want bike lanes, some people don't want that they want to be on the street with vehicles and we're trying to address all of that within the limits of our budget," said Vice Mayor David Mann.
Seth Maney lives downtown and is thrilled with the progress, but he doesn't want to slow down.
"To say that the future budget is not going to continue to support the investment that the city has made is a little concerning for someone who just moved to the city and was impressed by the progress we've made," said Maney.
Maney says there's other projects out there that can benefit the cycling community downtown. Those include raising crosswalks, adding stop signs and just driver-cyclist awareness programs.
"There's plenty more work. Because if we want a city where people live, work, and play you have to make it extremely livable," said Maney.
$1.9 million was set aside for trails and the Bike Share project downtown, but both council and the mayor agree the near future will focus on a "regional off-road trail effort".
"We have 52 neighborhoods. We have a lot of needs and we're trying to do a balanced approach. We can't spend all the money downtown and we shouldn't spend resources downtown. What we're looking for is a balance," said Mann.
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