FOX19 Investigates: Mayor responds to FOX19 "ResidencyGate" investigation

Mayor responds to FOX19 "ResidencyGate" investigation

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Mayor John Cranley responds to the FOX19 investigation into high ranking city employees. The investigation, called residencygate by members of council, has sparked a major investigation at City Hall.

"What concerns me the most is people may have lied about where they live. If it is proven that people have filled out disclosure forms and mis-stated where they live, then I think appropriate disciplinary action should be meted out.  We can't condone dishonesty," said Mayor John Cranley in response to a recent FOX19 investigation.

Last week, FOX19 brought to light several of the Financial Disclosure Statements filed by high-ranking members of the city's administration. Those forms include each person's home address.

But FOX19 discovered the addresses some of those directors provided may not be where they actually live. Last year, City Council passed an ordinance requiring all city department directors live within city limits.

Anthony James Parrott, or Tony Parrott, runs the Metropolitan Sewer District. On the form Parrott provided to the city, he supplies an address on Greenlawn Street in Cincinnati. But FOX19 found property records that show Parrott owns a home in Butler County. When we went to that Butler County home, Parrott's wife answered the door.

Kenneth Glenn is the Director of the Department of Citizen Complaints and Internal Audit. On Glenn's Financial Disclosure Form, he provides an address on Whetsel in Cincinnati. When FOX19 visited that address, we were told the Dees family has lived at that address for 30 years. It turns out, the home on Whetsel is owned by George Dees, who is Glenn's brother-in-law. On the property record for Glenn's home in Butler County, Glenn's wife is listed as Shirley A. Dees-Glenn.

Georgetta Kelly is the city's Human Resources Director. Kelly provides an address in an apartment building on Probasco near UC's campus. In an email to FOX19, Kelly claims she pays rent for that apartment and has utility bills to prove it, even though Kelly's husband lives in a gated home in Dayton, Ohio.

Part of that Financial Disclosure Form each city director is required to sign states, "I further acknowledge that a false filing of this statement may be grounds for removal from my office or dismissal from my employment."

"I've asked the interim city manager to investigate and corroborate these investigations and if it's proven that people have falsified their residence and then appropriate discipline needs to be meted out," Mayor Cranley said.

A spokesperson for the city tells FOX19 the city manager is in the final stages of his investigation into the residency issue.


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